BeeCandee 12kg Box (8 x 1.5kg packets)

(VAT Free)
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8 x 1.5kg packs of BeeCandee - Honeybee Bee Fondant Pouches BeeCandee is a bee-friendly fondant mix, made from sugar, glucose syrup & water.

Ideal for feeding bees during the winter months Supplied in user-friendly polythene pouches for convenience.

Cut a 2"/5cm cross in the centre of the underneath of the packet and ideally place this directly over the hole in your crown-board. The bees will feed from it during the winter as they require. Ideal for winter feeding, but also good for spring stimulation, nectar gaps and NUC rearing.

Easy to use: Cut a 2inch 'X' on the under side, and lay over the crown board hole. Your bees will draw the Beecandee down when needed.

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