6 Packs of BeeCandee - bee-friendly fondant - 1.5kg

(VAT Free)
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6 Packs of 1.5kg packs of BeeCandee - Honeybee Bee Fondant Pouches 

BeeCandee is a bee-friendly fondant mix, made from sugar, glucose syrup & water.

Brilliant for feeding bees during the winter months

Supplied in user-friendly polythene pouches for convenience. Cut a 2"/5cm cross in the centre of one of the flat surfaces and ideally place this directly over the hole in your crown-board

The bees will feed from it during the winter as they require 

Ideal for winter feeding, but also perfect for spring stimulation, nectar gaps and NUC rearing


Advantages of this product:

Effortless extraction and ingestion by the bees

Long shelf life - vacuum packed

Ready to use high purity and stable consistency

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