Honey Settling Tank (50kg) - Heavy Duty Stainless Steel with Honey Gate, Slight seconds

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A heavy duty 50kg Stainless Steel Honey Settling Tank with honey valve and lid

Very solid construction with strong handles and sprung lid clips

Weight 4.5kg

Height 40cm

Diameter 40cm

Please note that there may be some very slight scratches or marks on the tank. 

Strainers available separately

Our Double Honey Strainer just fits onto this tank at full extent

When you are ready to jar up the honey, warm it up gently and strain into the settling tank and leave to settle for 24 hours.

Then with the settling tank in position, the honey gate can be opened sufficiently to allow the honey to run into the jars.

The rubber 'o' ring forms a good seal when shutting the gate. 

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