Hive Alive - Colony Strength - 100ml
Hive Alive - Colony Strength - 100ml
Hive Alive - Colony Strength - 100ml
Hive Alive - Colony Strength - 100ml
Hive Alive - Colony Strength - 100ml

Hive Alive - Colony Strength - 100ml

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100ml of HiveAlive™ activates 40 litres of syrup / feeds 10 hives

Benefits of HiveAlive:

- Proven to make your colonies stronger and more productive
- Promotes intestinal well-being
- Proven long term protection
- Easy to use (instructions on bottle)
- Excellent value for money
- Prevents syrup from fermenting (going-off)
- Natural, active ingredients 
Current Batch Best Before: August 2026

HiveAlive is a simple, safe nutritional supplement that is added to sugar syrup. It is developed and manufactured in Ireland following 6 years of internationally validated research.

HiveAlive™ uses only natural active ingredients scientifically selected for maximum efficacy. The key ingredient is OceaShield, a blend of bioactive seaweed extracts that are internationally recognised to have beneficial properties for both animals and humans. OceaShield™ provides a rich and nourishing food source that promotes bees’ intestinal well-being.

International trials have shown that routinely feeding HiveAlive™ produces significantly stronger colonies when compared to a control (syrup without HiveAlive™). Recent trials performed by the Hellenic Institute of Apiculture, Greece and Veto-Pharma, France consistently show increased population, brood and honey production. Up to 89% population increase was observed. For more information, go to


Other uses for HiveAlive:

Spray or drench

Spray/drench 300ml (10 fl. oz.) of activated sugar syrup at a max concentration of 1:100, once a week for 3 weeks to cover full breeding cycle.

To enhance protein patties

HiveAlive™ can be added to protein patties at a concentration of up to 10ml per kg patty (1 tsp per lb of


For a cleaner, happier hive

Spray entire brood box before and after winter with activated syrup. Ideally once a week over 3 weeks to cover a full breeding cycle.

To revitalise old foundation

If bees are slow to draw out old foundation, brush on activated syrup to increase attractiveness.

To store leftover syrup

Add HiveAlive™ to prevent syrup from going off. This also gives the beekeeper a longer feeding window in autumn.

For new queen introduction

Spray/drench the hive with activated syrup to aid new queen acceptance.

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