Wasp and Hornet Trap - Large
Wasp and Hornet Trap - Large
Wasp and Hornet Trap - Large

Wasp and Hornet Trap - Large

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This wasp and hornet trap is quite large:

approx. 215mm diameter x 150mm high.

It is an interesting looking trap with seven entrances which are designed to make it very difficult to exit.

A small reservoir at the bottom is covered by a perforated plate so that the wasp and/or hornets can be trapped without being killed.

The reservoir can be filled with anything that might attract the wasps and hornets such as a solution of jam and water or vinegar, salt and sugar.

Bees shouldn't be attracted to this but the wasps will, as an easier option to robbing the hives.

There are three holes in the main body which allows the trap to be hung up with some string.

Wasps and hornets can be a major problem to honey bee colonies in the late summer and autumn.

They will prey on honey bees and enter hives to rob the honey.

Hive entrances should be restricted and traps put out.

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