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By Veto-pharma 

Apivar is an amitraz-based miticide for honey bees.

Carefully read the instructions on the packaging leaflet before use.

Made in France

The European varroa treatment of choice is now licensed for use in the UK

500 mg Bee-Hive strips for honey bees Amitraz

Pack size: 10 strips (treats a total of 5 hives)

Excellent Expiry date - September 2025

Strips are 210 x 40mm - fit well between frames, so they do not have to be cut

Amitraz is the active ingredient which paralyzes the varroa mite causing it to fall off the bees

Just one application of Apivar has efficacy of up to 99%

Each treatment - 2 strips

Apivar is recommended to be used during feeding

Treatment time - It should be left in for around 6 - 10 weeks, keeping in mind the factors of the time of year and the size of the brood

Spring treatment is recommended: 6 - 8 weeks

Autumn treatment: 10 weeks

It can be used any time of year as unlike most other varroa treatments there are no temperature constraints

Please note supers should be removed from the hive before using this product



Active substance: Amitraz - 500 mg

Excipient: Ethylene vinyl acetate - qs 15g

Rectangular translucent homogeneous rigid strip with a V-shape cutting at one end and a hole above. Strips are attached by two with a pre-cut line.

INDICATIONS: Treatment of varroosis due to Varroa destructor sensitive to amitraz in honey bees.


See leaflet (booklet label) before use.

WITHDRAWAL PERIOD: Honey: zero days.

Do not use during honey flow. Do not extract honey from the brood chamber. Do not harvest honey when the treatment is in place. Amitraz can accumulate in wax. Brood combs should be replaced with new foundation at least every three years. Do not recycle brood frames as honey frames.

Use immediately after first opening and discard any unused product.

Do not store about 30°C.

Store in the original closed package. Protect from light.

Keep out of the sight and reach of children. 

For animal treatment only.

Do not use this veterinary medicinal product after the expiry date which is stated on the pack.

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