Honey Refractometer
Honey Refractometer

Honey Refractometer

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Refractometer - For checking the water content of your honey prior to processing.

Comes in a handy case with cleaning cloth, pippette and screwdriver for adjusting the scale.

If the water content is too high, the honey can ferment in the bucket or jar.

These refractometer are the specifically for honey

The refractometer measures the sugar content using the Brix scale (ranging from 58-90) which is equivalent to 12-27% water.

One degree Brix is equivalent to 1 gram of sucrose in 100 grams of solution.

Honey should not be processed when the water content is greater than 20% otherwise there is a possibility of it fermenting. Honey is hygroscopic, meaning that it absorbs water from the surroundings. 

So when using the refractometer, you want the honey to have a Brix measurement over 80 deg.

Bees will cap the honey with wax when they have reduced the water content sufficiently (17-18% water content). Sealing the cells, stops the honey from absorbing water. 

When processing your honey, we also supply:

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Technical information: Measuring Range: 58-90Brix 38-43 Be° (Baume) 12-27 Water Division: 0.5 Brix 0.5 Be° (Baume) 1 Water Accuracy: ±0.5 Brix ±0.5 Be° (Baume) ±1 Water. Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC). Length : 140mm Weight: 230g

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