Varroa EasyCheck - CO2 Injector

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In the CO2 method, bees and mites are rendered unconscious by exposure to carbon dioxide gas 

The sample of anesthetised bees is then gently shaken in the EasyCheck, causing the mites to fall from the bees



Simple and fast

Accurately check your varroa levels without harming your bees


Equipment needed:

C02 injector/dispenser with one CO2 cartridge - one cartridge is sufficient for approx 6-8 tests

Varroa EasyCheck


Instructions for use: 

Step 1. Screw the cartridge inside the injector. Collect a sample of 200 or 300 bees with the white basket of the Varroa EasyCheck, preferably from a frame of capped brood (make sure the queen is not in the sample). Lines for both 200 and 300 bees are marked on the inside of the basket. Place the basket back upside down into the transparent bowl and push it until it is correctly seated inside the bowl.

Step 2. Place the yellow lid on the top. Create a small opening between the yellow lid and the transparent container and inject the CO2 through a hole of the white basket for 5 or 6 seconds until the bees stop flying. Do not inject directly toward the bees. Then, quickly screw the lid on. Let the Varroa EasyCheck set for about 10 seconds, until the bees are anaesthetized.

Step 3. Turn the EasyCheck upside down and gently shake the sample for 15 seconds so you do not hurt the bees. Varroa mites will be dislodged from bees and fall through the holes in the basket.

Step 4. Open the yellow lid and count the mites inside. Put the bees back in the hive where they will recover. Dispose of the fallen varroa mites as most of them will still be alive.

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