Queen Marker Pen - Blue

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Queen Marker Pen - Blue


The most used pen for Queen Marking

Water Based and Non-Toxic.

The 2.5mm bullet tip makes marking the queen easy.

Built in agitator mixes paint prior to use.

Quick Drying


Marking the Queen does three things:

1 - Makes it easier to spot her next time

2 - The colour used allows you to determine the age of the queen - see Colour Code Below.

3 - If an unmarked queen is found, then it is likely that the colony has swarmed or the queen superceded.


Marking the Queen:

Find the queen - The difficult bit.

Carefully place a Queen Marker cage over her.

Mark her, through the cage, on her Thorax.


The International Queen Marking Colour Code:

  • White - years ending 1 or 6
  • Yellow - years ending in 2 or 7
  • Red - years ending in 3 or 8.
  • Green - years ending in 4 or 9. (This Year's Colour 2024)
  • Blue - years ending in 5 or 0.
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